OTB Game Analysis 16

An exciting King's Indian game

This game was played in round 5 of an OTB tournament last summer. At this point, I was on 2.5/4 and faced a 15 year old girl rated 1630.

I was white in this game and we got a King's Indian Defense. I really like the variation I'm currently playing against the KID, so I was really looking forward to an interesting fight. I felt that my opponent played the opening a bit inaccurately and thought that I was better early on. After I castled queen side, I thought that I should have a clear advantage and after many piece exchanges, I converted a superior endgame into a full point.


In general, I'm very pleased with this game, since it was quite a complex game and I managed to calculate well and didn't miss too many moves from my opponent. I always feel that analysing KID games is a bit difficult, since the positions are so complex and the engine always says that white has an advantage. But I think that I learned quite a bit from this game and from the analysis:

  • don't play moves in the opening like 10.Qd2?! without much thought because they feel natural, think about the advantages and disadvantages of the different options
  • trust in your calculation (something I did well in this game)
  • watch out for ways to break through with your pawns in the endgame (the Nxc7 tactics in the variations)