November Training Plan Update

Some setbacks

The second month of my training plan didn't go as well as the first month since I was ill for one week. Since then, I'm a lot more tired than before which made it hard to find motivation to train.


I'm particularly happy that I managed to play more games last month than in the month before, namely:

  • 2 OTB Games
  • 8 Lichess classical games
  • 13 Lichess rapid games

I wanted to play more compared to October, so I prioritised playing even when I was ill.

I also continued solving tactics every day, which I think is very important to stay sharp, especially since I didn't have the energy to work a lot on chess in general.


The biggest issue with my training in November was that I couldn't put a lot of hard work into my chess training. This means that I neglected game analysis and didn't solve as many puzzles as I had hoped to.

Also when playing, I often lost my focus during the games and played some moves way too quickly since I couldn't really think about the position.

Improvements for December

I want to get back on track with my study and to help me achieve this, I will simplify my training plan a bit.

I will still solve tactics and go over 2 Alekhine games every day, but other than that I want to focus on analysing my games and doing also some positional exercises from Mastering Chess Strategy.

I will also play in an OTB tournament in December, so during the tournament I will study less and focus on my games. I certainly look forward to playing in another tournament!