Training Week 2

This week, I had a bit less time for chess so I didn't study as much as I did last week. This also meant that I couldn't do everything I wanted to in this week.

Positives from this week

I kept my daily tactics routine which I feel is very important to stay sharp. I also managed to play more this week which was a goal I set last week. This also included one OTB 90+30 league game. Playing these weekly games will certainly help a lot with my training.

I also finished another chapter in the Yusupov series. I would have liked to do more but I didn't have enough time so I'm just happy that I finished one chapter and keep this as a minimum target for each week.

Improvements for the future

Looking back, the biggest problem with my studying this week is that I spent only half as much time on game analysis as I did last week. I often didn't have the motivation to look at the game even tough I enjoy it once I get into it.

I also spent very little time on Mastering Chess Strategy. Although this was a conscious decision of mine since I didn't find as much time as I did last week. However, I feel that going through a couple of examples doesn't take much time and is something I should be able to fit into my day easily.