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The Dangers of bringing out the Queen early on

Chess Principals 1

Surviving a Terrible Opening

OTB Game Analysis 17

Achieving GM Level Strength Without Calculation

DeepMind's latest paper about chess

King and Pawn Endgame Basics

Essential Knowledge about Endgames

OTB Game Analysis 16

An exciting King's Indian game

Unlocking your hidden Chess Potential

Book Review Hidden Potential

OTB Tournament Report 6

Interesting games and a disappointing result

OTB Game Analysis 15

Round 3 against a 1880

LoneWolf S31 Rounds 10-11

The final two rounds of the tournament

LoneWolf S31 Rounds 6-9

Interesting games against strong opposition

November Training Plan Update

Some setbacks

The Dangers of Playing well

How overconfidence leads to terrible blunders

LoneWolf S31 Rounds 3-5

Some painful setbacks

OTB Game Analysis 14

Round 3 against a 1830

October Training Plan Update

Reflecting on the first month of my training plan

Training Week 4

Training Week 3

LoneWolf S31 Rounds 1-2

A promising start to the new season

Training Week 2

Training Week 1

OTB Game Analysis 13

Round 2 against a 1850

Training Week 0

OTB Game Analysis 12

Round 1 against a 1300

Tournament Report 5

A good tournament with a disappointing end

OTB Game Analysis 11

Converting an extra exchange out of the opening

OTB Game Analysis 10

Converting an extra pawn out of the opening

OTB Game Analysis 9

Converting an Opening Advantage

Comparing the Sharpness of Openings

Evaluating Sharpness Part 2

Endgame Study 13

G. Zakhodyakin, 1931

Evaluating sharpness with Leela’s WDL

Can LC0 tell you how sharp a position is?

Endgame Study 12

A. Trotsky, 1924

Lichess 4545 S33 Review - Part 3

Rounds 7-8

Endgame Study 11

G. Kasparyan, 1955

Lichess 4545 S33 Review - Part 2

Rounds 5-6

OTB Game Analysis 8

Playing with more risk

Endgame Study 10

H. Faheni, 1922

Lichess 4545 S33 Review - Part 1

Rounds 1-4

Endgame Study 9

Enrico Paoli, 1949

Endgame Study 8

Alexey Troitzky, 1911

OTB Game Analysis 7

Missing the right plan

Endgame Study 7

Alexey Troitzky, 1896

Endgame Study 5

Ilham Aliev, 2008

OTB Tournament Report 4

My best OTB tournament so far

OTB Game Analysis 6

Another lucky victory

Endgame Study 4

Frederick Lazard, 1948

OTB Game Analysis 5

More luck than skill

Endgame Study 3

Otto Blathy, 1962

Endgame Study 2

Revaz Tavariani, 1970

OTB Game Analysis 4

Losing the thread of the game

OTB Tournament Report

Winning my second OTB tournament

OTB Game Analysis

Seeing ghosts

A beautiful Endgame Study

OTB Game Analysis 2

The worst OTB game of my life (so far)

Weekly Puzzles 6

Tactics from a young Carlsen - 1

OTB Game Analysis 1

Messing up a good position

Weekly Puzzles 5

Weekly Puzzles 4

One Move Puzzles

OTB Tournament Report

Bouncing back from a difficult start

Weekly Puzzles 3

Weekly Puzzles 2

Weekly Puzzles 1

Simple Rook Endgame Studies

Improve your calculation by solving studies

Understanding Engines - Part 1

Getting familiar with the engines you use

Schematic Thinking - Endgames 1

An important thinking technique in endings

My thoughts on openings

How I approach the first part of the game

My First OTB Tournament

A report about the first OTB tournament of my life

My #100daysofchess

How I spent 100 days on chess study

Book Review: Bent Larsen's Best Games

A very inspiring game collection by a creative chess player

Composed Mating Problems

What they are and why I think that they are extremely helpful for chess improvement

How to Improve without Studying (more) Chess

You need more than chess knowledge in a practical game


How to keep your attention on the chess board

How to Analyse Your Games

A guide to learn a crucial chess skill